Friday, 6 December 2013

Is there energy competition?

The Big Six suppliers provide about 98% of all household energy and gas. They also control 74% of electricity generation.

If you are honest, you think the energy market is it's somehow rigged in favour of the big energy companies.

We have no evidence other than our bills, but the perception the market doesn't work as well as it should is at the fore.

We are most suspicious because there is little or no transparency on pricing or genuine choice for consumers.

Its hard to understand what isn't working.

Vertical integration, with power generation and retailing joined together is certainly NOT helping, and a limiting factor on competition.

We need an energy enquiry by the Competition Commission aimed at creating a level playing field for smaller competitors.

Recent announcements by Npower has done little to restore the trust of consumers.

We wonder when we will get a fair deal. While wholesale energy prices rise, the debate will get noisier.

Making the market work better could require tearing down the industry's complex structure and rebuilding it from the foundations.

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