Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sigma – Blue Light magazine SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!

We have just had a call from DRC (Debt recovery) chasing an outstanding debt for the scammers Sigma (from a year ago!), re a fictional magazine that they claim, firstly is directly aligned with the emergency services goes to every member of the emergency services. None of our local police have EVER received a copy of this fictional magazine, and an enquiry of the ambulance a paramedics gave the same results. I was told it was sent to 50,000 in the emergency services.

when I asked for a sample of local sites it was delivered too they informed me that they could not provides me with a single reference. NOT ONE!!!!

I have quite strongly instructed DRC that we do not owe them anything and will not be paying anything.

From their actions the only way they can be aligned with the emergency services is if the local constabulary would like a word with them regarding misrepresentation and fraud.

They claim to be from the local emergency services and all monies go to supporting the emergency services.

We did get a nice glossy mag, but it was a pile of crap and I forwarded on to trading standards in Bedford with a range of e-mails from others that had advertised in the magazine.

DO NOT TRUST them! you will be ripped off.

Making false claims nullifies any contract.

Why DRC are aligning them with Sigma is a surprise to me, unless they are scammer too.

They are sickening making out that it is for charity! – It’s all a blatant lie

It's a shame because when charity’s really do want to do something similar to this people we be wary.

Sigma blue light is a hard sell publishing company who prey on new and small company's with a phone call then apply lots of pressure to get your money. They tell you they've played back the conversation and you did agree to a verbal contract so pay up or legal action will be next including bailiffs, debt collectors, and your company's credit rating will be tarnished.

Ignore them!

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