Thursday, 16 January 2014

Can you hear your fridge wispering???

In the future, it might not just be your smartphone that leaks personal and private data, it might be your smart fridge too.

there is now a debate what happens to privacy and security as the "internet of things" begins to emerge.

This year, hi-tech firms have released a plethora of formerly dumb products that can gather and share data about what they and their owners do.

Governments will also need to do more to ensure consumers stay in control of the data gathered about them

Smart lighting systems, Skype-connected baby monitors are just a couple of idea's.

what about a fridge with a bar code scanner the pre populates the internet shopping list for you? its coming, and sooner than you think.

Such devices are about to become commonplace.

Dealing with the privacy and security aspects of the internet of things is going to be one of the biggest challenges we have faced in security for a long time

will we be able to dictate what happened with the data that smart appliances gathered? I very much doubt it as we are not even sure what data our phone gathers about us and what marketing and government agencies are doing with that info.

This data had the potential to be sensitive and deeply personal and is definitely not anyone else's business.

Samsung smart fridge Samsung is showing off fridges, washing machines and vacuum cleaners that connect to the net

There's a tendency among manufacturers to copy all the data to their own cloud and we are frequently not being given a choice to control or allow that. from that and past experience was can expect that manufacturers not living up to standards of fairness and disclosure demanded from websites and other hi-tech firms.

it could be a lot worse than your sibling hacking the house lights and flashing the lights in your room..

it could be quite sinister.

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