Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Most Random Fires

London Fire Brigade’s investigations team, said he had seen some “weird and wonderful” things in 2013

Among the most unlikely causes of fires were:
* A teenage boy on his first date sprayed a can of deodorant on himself, then inexplicably lit what remained in the can, causing an explosion.
* A toilet roll dropped down the loo was placed in a microwave to dry it out.
* A dog hit the controls of a toaster as it leapt on to a worktop to reach food, setting fire to a bag.
* A pigeon dropped a discarded lit cigarette down a chimney, starting a fire in a bird’s nest.
* A pair of boxer shorts being used to apply linseed oil to a floor caught fire.
* A fridge freezer caught fire after a mouse got into the back, shorting the electrics.

please don't use microwaves to dry out clothes or other items, never to leave candles unattended and to keep mirrors and glass, which reflect the sun’s rays, away from flammable objects.

and don't burn down the house with a can of Lynx (other deodorants are available)

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