Wednesday, 19 February 2014

EV psycology...

First came range anxiety.

Then, we had charger rage.

Now, people are noticing another condition unique to plug-in car owners: Charger fixation.

It's what happens when you plug in your electric car at every single opportunity you get--and particularly if the charging is free.

EV owners are now using parking spots with chargers even if they don't really need a top-up.

owners openly admit charging whenever the electricity is free, regardless of how much range he has left. "If it's free, I'll take it"

It's causing a few problems. - it's causing charger congestion

So first we had congestion charging, now we have charger congestion

go figure!!!

Someone may need that charge more than you do. Don't hog the socket!!!

you don't have the right to occupy an electric car parking spot if you don't really need it.

And plugging in everywhere you go regardless of how much you need those few extra kilowatt-hours seems a bit... pointless.

Some charging companies are trying to minimize charger "squatting" by charging only a nominal amount for juice for the first hour or two, but bumping up the charges thereafter.

personally I am not sure "charger fixation" is really a condition, though. I think its called being selfish...

watch this space for updates

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