Sunday, 16 February 2014

Number of fire fatalities lower than 10 years ago

It looks like the message is getting through.

The number of fatalities caused by fire has dropped by 33% in the last ten years.

Recent statistics, published by the government, revealed there were 140 deaths in England as the result of a blaze in the six months between April and September 2013. While this is higher than 2012's figure of 128, it is a 33 per cent decrease from 2003.

There were also 94 deaths due to accidental dwelling fires during April to September. This total was also greater than 2012's tally - by 29 per cent - but 17 per cent lower than the figure ten years ago.
The statistics showed there were 1,664 fires that required hospitalisation - but did not result in death - during the same time frame, marking a seven per cent drop than in the same period in 2012.

Local fire and rescue authority services travelled to 102,000 blazes and 115,000 false fire alarms in the same six-month period. The number of fires they attended was a 55 per cent fall from 2002, while the false fire alarm tally fell by five per cent in comparison to 2012's total.

It transpired this figure of 102,000 fires was lower than in every previous year except 2012, when there were "many months of well-above-average rainfall".

fire safety and prevention activity, such as highlighting smoke alarms and other building fire safety systems and features, audits and enforcement activity, fire safety campaigns and education, and other advice.

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