Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Should London’s bus lanes to accept electric cars

Cities should do more to encourage the use of electric cars by investing in charging facilities and allowing zero emission vehicles to use bus lanes, says the head of Renault UK.

there needs to be acceptance of emerging electric vehicle technology to encourage their uptake

Renault are calling on London Mayor Boris Johnson to follow Norway in allowing electric cars to use lanes reserved for public transport.

In London that would be an interesting approach. In other cities having legislation that requires new buildings have a dedicated number of parking spaces with charge stations already included.

Renault sees electric cars as a key part of its portfolio of vehicles. It currently sells four electric cars, from its miniature Twizy to the Kangoo van, and leads the market in Europe with a 61% share. It has sold about 30,000 vehicles since its first model went on sale just over two years ago.

Ramirez cites Norway as a country which has ‘culturally accepted’ the benefits of zero emissions technology. There are now 21,000 electric vehicles registered in the country, which has a population of 5 million. Purchases of the zero-emission cars make up 10% of all sales.

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