Thursday, 20 February 2014

The world is ready for electric cars, it just doesn't know it

You don’t believe me, and to be honest sometimes I don’t believe me!!
When it comes to electric cars or EVs, all this range-anxiety and fast-charging-network stuff  is just smoke and mirrors

To be honest, how far do you ever drive??? Tesco and back, 20 mile round trip to work??? When do you ever go more than 50 miles (each way)

Fact - One third of Ford Fiestas and Renault Clios are never driven further than 100 miles in their entire lives

Do you realise how many cars that is???

Did you know that The ‘fiesta’ segment also just so happens to be the biggest seller in the UK.
 The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) puts what it calls 'mini and supermini' sales at 900,000 a years

So if you ignore range, how about charging???

Wouldn’t an EV be used just like your phone (only with bigger batteries) - You plug it in overnight and use it during the day. What you don't do is worry about charging it during the day. You just drive it. Not very far and mostly stuck in traffic not using any charge.

The car really is like the phone - You carry it 9the phone, not the car) all day, but only actually use it in short bursts. Oh and incidentally, that overnight charging model means you don't even need to install any kind of fast charger at home.

Just plug it into a socket. The battery won't be completely empty and you'll top it up just fine as you sleep.

You get my drift???

you ready???

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