Tuesday, 15 April 2014

BFC urges caution over plans to amend flammability regulations

Changes to the Furniture & Furnishing Fire Safety Regulations are in danger of increasing rather than reducing the risk to consumers, warns UK industry lobby group, the British Furniture Confederation (BFC), which urges the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) not to rush through the amendments.

The group fully supports the aim behind the proposed amendments to reduce the amount of fire retardants used in furniture, thus improving consumer safety and reducing costs. However, it says that any changes, if not properly thought out, could have a significant negative impact on the furniture industry as a result of confusion and increased costs, and in fact potentially increase the safety risk for consumers rather than reduce it.

The warning follows the news that the planned amendments are due to be put out to public consultation within the next four weeks, despite these concerns.

“We feel these amendments are being too hastily introduced, so we have been urging manufacturers and retailers who share our concerns to contact their local MPs,” says Paul von der Heyde, chairman of the BFC, which represents the furniture industry’s main trade associations.

The fear is that the tests proposed – alternative cigarette and match tests using FR-compliant CM foam – currently lack sufficient technical detail and have not been robustly trialled.

"There is simply not enough detail in the documents to assess whether the changes would have a positive impact on safety and costs,” says Paul. “The industry has, for the past two years, been working closely with BIS over proposed amendments to the current regulations, and we are disappointed at this piecemeal approach, which focuses on making this one amendment now, with other revisions addressed at a later date."               

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