Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Flash memory inventor wins lifetime award for Simon Min Sze

Most of us would be able to live our life without this guys invention.

Taiwan researcher Simon Min Sze, a national endowed chair professor of electrical engineering at Hsinchu City-based National Chiao Tung University, was honored with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award

NCTU hailed Sze’s 1967 co-invention of floating gate non-volatile semiconductor memory (NVSM), which gave rise to numerous memory devices including flash memory, as the most important of his fundamental and pioneering contributions to electrical engineering.

NVSM has enabled the development of modern electronic systems, including such varied inventions as smartphones, ultrabook computers, automatic braking systems in vehicles and GPS devices, NCTU said.

Sze’s invention of NVSM was originally inspired by a layered piece of cheesecake eaten by a South Korean co-worker, Dawon Kahng, at U.S.-based Bell Telephone Laboratories, NCTU said.

According to NCTU, Sze has also made groundbreaking contributions to semiconductor devices, especially metal-semiconductor contacts, microwave devices and submicron metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor technology.

and we all owe it to a layered piece of cheesecake

Lets hear it for the cheesecake

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