Monday, 14 April 2014

Last Chance - job going for an Experienced electrican

Last Chance

review and selection for interview tomorrow morning

Are you available and interested in the position of electrician at Woolgar Electrical

As part of our selection process, we  would like you to call 020 7060 9766 and leave a message with your Name, Number and why you think you have the Attitude, Skills and Attributes required to be an Electrician in a company looking for great people.

If you are interested you need to leave  a message tonight as we will be reviewing the VM's left AM on Tuesdays 15th and inviting for interview for the following evening.

We will be asking a select few of you to come forward to a group interview on Wednesday 16th April at 18.00. This will give you a chance to come and see us and us to get to know you.

Good luck!

find out more at - http://wwwhttp://www​.woolgarel​ectrical.c​​/job-oppor​tunities/

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