Saturday, 12 April 2014

Should I go to the London Marathon tomorrow??? (Off topic)

Race will begin in Greenwich Park at 9.45 AM and head east towards Woolwich.

The runners will then turn near Woolwich High Street at 10.15 AM and head back towards Greenwich again, passing by the Cutty Sark at around 10.45. They will then follow the bend of the river north, past Rotherhithe, and cross the Thames at Tower Bridge. The runners will have covered 12-miles by this point, and it will probably be around 11.40 AM.
The runners will then head east again towards Canary Wharf, running around the entire loop of the Isle of Dogs, and passing One Canada Square at around 12:30 PM. They will then double back through Limehouse and towards The City.

The 23-mile point will be reached at the Tower of London at around 13.10 PM, and they will pass the 24-mile mark at Temple ten minutes later. A run along the Victoria Embankment will take them down to Westminster Bridge at approx 13.30 PM. They will then scout the southside of St. James's Park and finish outside Buckingham Palace at 13.45 PM.

probably one of the best and most fun events I have ever been to and 1000's of committed people

simply brilliant

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