Sunday, 25 May 2014

Can you Trust Your Phone Charger?

The charger you use for your phone, tablet etc. Is it Genuine

Just how safe is your phone charger?

Chargers are NOW being blamed for a growing number of house fires, how cheap devices bought online could place your family at risk
Many cheap devices fail to meet requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations Act 1994. Unsafe devices are often made in China for as little as 3p
  • 1.8 million mobile phone chargers are bought online in UK each year
If that true there are millions of fires just waiting to happen, are they in your children’s bedrooms?

your lucky of your 'cheapo' charger just bangs and pops out a puff of black smoke. it could be a lot worse.

Some are so dangerous that the can charger actually split in two and leave carbon track on the socket where it used to be.

The number of times we read reports that's say ‘the most probable cause’ of  the fatal fire was an ‘electrical fault involving a faulty charging device’.

next time you are at the market, don't buy a a cheap, unauthorised, ‘unbranded’ charger, just get your fruit and veg. it s a lot less likely to kill you.

If its too good to be true, it probably is.

A charger for an iPhone cost £15 from the Apple store, add in a USB cable and you’re looking at another £15 (which to be honest is a RIP OFF as they only carry LV). Generic USB mains chargers can be purchased for between £15-£17

So do you think you can trust an online purchase at £3 - £4. The evidence has to suggest no!

We would say it is na├»ve to think you are getting something of the same quality. especially as the phone market is very competitive.

The Fake good market is MASSIVE, the value of such goods seized by councils and the Border Force rose from just over £2.6 million in 2009 to more than £15.7 million in 2012. The most-seized items were chargers.
67,000 potentially dangerous mobile chargers were uncovered in a single raid by Trading Standards officers in Ealing, West London, last year.
Sorry to upset you on a Sunday, but look on the bright side its a Bank Holiday tomorrow and you might just live to see it.
Search the web for 'Ma Ailun'  - killed when it made the USB to her phone live. Consequently she was electrocuted at home in China when she answered her iPhone while it was charging.
She saved a few Yuans but it cost her life.
Its it worth it?

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