Saturday, 10 May 2014

Charley's Back!!! new electrcal safety campaign

Were you on planet earth in the 70's??? if so you probably remember the original Charley safety ads. a 2D charley with his annoying cat whom Charley translated fro as none of us speak cat

The consumer champion role and its closer campaigning work with industry and government – is being marked by a public safety campaign built on reviving the iconic Charley Says series, with David Walliams providing the voices.

‘Electrical Safety First – the UK’s electrical safety experts’. The organisation has represented trade professionals and educated the public on electrical safety for over 58 years. The rebrand marks a shift to a stronger campaigning voice to address the dangers posed by electricity. Currently, 350,000 people are seriously injured by the everyday use of electricity and at least one person dies each week.

Electrical Safety First said: “Our charity has a long association of championing consumer rights and leading industry best practice, but as our campaigns have become more dynamic and as we increasingly work to bring about change to regulation and industry practices, we knew that we needed to take a step back and redefine our ambition and values, to ensure that our name, our brand and our mission was in keeping with everything we do, and everything we want to be.

“Electrical Safety First may only have one word changed in its title, but there is so much that sits behind that new name in terms of clear values, messages and ambition. We look forward to the next stage of our charity’s strong and impactful history – we hope everyone enjoys and shares our new campaign, Charley Says.”

The first campaign hopes that restoring the iconic cartoon characters from the Charley Says series, will take the new brand to a wider audience. The original Charley Says films were created by the government’s Central Office for Information and broadcast in the 1970s and 80s, with popular comedian of the day Kenny Everett voicing Charley the cat. It was voted the nation’s favourite public information filmand just as the original series warned children about such dangers as playing with matches or talking to strangers, the new films will advise the same audience – now adults – of the dangers of electricity in the home thanks to David Walliams giving the characters new voices.

The first new film sees Charley the cat preventing the young boy from plugging a toaster into an already overloaded plug socket, burning a paw in the process. In keeping with the tone of the original films, he is awarded a fish for his savvy behaviour. David Walliams takes over the mantle from Kenny Everett to give the characters their new voices.

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