Wednesday, 14 May 2014

DIY vs. employing electricians

To make sure that electrical jobs are safe there are standards they have to comply with. If you can't prove they comply with these rules you may find it difficult to sell your house.

In England and Wales these rules are called Part P and are part of the building regulations.
Electricians need to be Part P registered before they can do many electrical jobs. If you don’t use a Part P registered electrician for these jobs you will have to pay your local authority building control to inspect the work.

Woolgar Electrical is Part P registered and listed on the register of competent persons for electricians.
DIY electrical jobs

If you do undertake riskier jobs yourself you have to inform your local council before you start work and then have the work assessed once it’s done. Guess what, if you do that in Central Beds it is quite likely that it will be Woolgar Electrical who comes to inspect your work.

Some minor jobs don't need to be carried out by certified electricians or inspected, so provided you have the necessary skill you could do them yourself.

You may have the skill, but do you have the equipment? After you have done the work, can you prove it is safe? You know the live and neutral are there (or it wouldn’t work) but do you know if there is an earth? Is it a good earth? Does your RCD (earth trip) work?

These are the unknowns that must put doubt in the back of your mind asking are my family safe.
That quite simply is why you engage and build a trusting relationship with an electrician.

Why? Because Electricians: know the rules, have equipment to prove work is safe and can keep your family safe.

At that the end of the day, that’s what you want! Isn’t it?

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