Saturday, 31 May 2014

Electric heating controlled by app

The next big thing in saving money (and the planet) whilst giving you more control is Phone apps.

The NEW innovative technology links a home’s wet system or electric radiators to an app that can be used on a smart phone or tablet giving customers the ability to control which rooms to heat at certain times of the day.

Some of the biggies in the Supply industry such as British gas are offering systems as are some of the control systems companies such as Honeywell and Danfoss.

These ground-breaking system can save you money on your power bills.

We all know that people have different lifestyles and don’t necessarily work nine to five. we know we certainly don't here.

With these new systems you can set up your heating how you like. If you are going to be late in from work you can set your heating to come on later.

You could even programme your radiators from a tablet anywhere in the world - Flight delayed, problem solved.

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