Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Top Gear’s James May: I’m Buying A BMW i3 Electric Car

Jeremy Clarkson fell off his soap box....

James May has come out of the closet. NO, NOT THAT way, he’s buying a BMW i3 REx electric car.

Talking on BBC Radio 4′s You & Yours Bank Holiday Monday special our foppy hairs slightly greying  petrol head not only admitted that he ‘quite likes’ electric cars — but that he’s going to buy one

Dun Dun Dahhhh!

 May admitted that electric cars are no-longer seen as the “anti-car” by people, and that modern electric car battery technology has made electric cars practical for the first time.

 “In terms of technology, the electric car works perfectly well,” May said. “The problem is still electricity, the difficulty in charging, the difficulty in storing it.”

“You do still have to think ahead,”

Despite having a range extended BMW i3 electric car however, May says the BMW i3 isn’t going to be his only car — and when he goes long-distance away from his London home, he’ll use another car instead. I suppose it will be a Ferrari.. 

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