Sunday, 8 June 2014

When did we get to the point when Batteries were the most important thing?

Our first mobile phone was when David was running the company as a sole trader. It was a big old Nokia Brick and it didn’t even have a 07 number. Back then Mobiles were aimed firmly at businesses and to be honest, at that point I never thought I would end up with one of my own.

It is good to bear in mind that  innovation is not just about inventing things. Somebody has to make the link between the invention and the user. I wonder who made the link from them bulky old phones to see things differently.

I must be getting old; I now have a computer in my pocket, but more than that, so does a rural Romanian that only has a horse and cart and one socket in his house.

But that single socket is used to charge the phone.

How it has changed... and how much more will it change with people abandoning their wallet and paying with the phones with app such as PingIt.

Welcome to the brave new world. But how are you going to pay for your taxi home when the battery is flat on your phone. Or your phone was stolen from the pub and they wiped out your account on fast women and loose cars in a single evening.

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