Thursday, 31 July 2014

Electric cars have no personality? Think again!!!

What happens when you combine one of the most iconic vehicles of all time with modern electric engine technology?

The Zelectric Beetle: proof that electric cars can have as much style and grace as anything else on the road.

Californian inventor David Benardo has created a truly special car, capable of 110 miles and a shed load of smiles.

this car just may change the way we view electric cars.

According to Zelectric Motors’ website, their Franken-Beetle is capable of 90+ miles-per-hour and will last an average of 90 to 110 miles on one charge. The space where the petrol gauge used to be now has a range anxiety meter :)

Of course, with all of the additional electric car equipment fitted to an old frame modifications are needed to make it drivable.

Zelectric updates the suspension to accommodate the extra weight. disc brakes to ease any fears of stopping within a reasonable distance.

After all of these upgrades are fitted, this little lightning bug still weighs less than a Nissan Leaf, and a lot better looking

Also, as a first in the electric car market, the Zelectric is available with the Beetle’s original 4-speed manual gearbox, which after the upgrades is less of a transmission and more of an engine aggression selector.

now the problem - you have to got to California to get one with £38k in your back pocket plus import tax

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