Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Would you consider an Electric Car?

Its a typical chicken and eggs conundrum sparked by of the Government survey, “Public attitudes to electric vehicles”.

They might as well have called the report “Just Don't Bother" because no one is listening. or if they are listening they don't trust or understand the message. its a leap of faith that so few are willing to make.

The public reported that the most important factors putting them off buying an electric car or van were recharging (40 per cent), and the distance travelled on a battery (39 per cent) followed by cost (33 per cent) and lack of knowledge (16 per cent).

Less than one per cent (0.3 per cent) of respondents already owned an electric car or van and only five per cent of respondents said that they were thinking about buying an electric car or van.

The most dispiriting finding of the DfT report though, is surely the 69 per cent of drivers, who when asked if they were thinking about buying an electric car or van, answered not “yes” or “no”, but “I haven’t really thought about it”.

its quite clear that on the whole 'average Joe' or Josephine is feeling ambivalent.

14 per cent of those surveyed had considered the vehicles and decided against buying into the technology, over half of the sample simply hadn’t even thought about it.

when we do a proposal for a LED lighting upgrade we do a payback time, so we can demonstrate the benefits of the upgrade.

maybe the industry are stuck in the mud note because they don't detail the benefits, but maybe because they don't see an electric car as an upgrade but more as an environmental compromise that will place more restrictions on their freedom - i.e. range anxiety.

or is it that they think that you never see them on the road and EV is Betamax and they are waiting to see they VHS will be?

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