Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Alarming levels of ignorance & complacency about fire safety

research has shown that people are shocking complacent about fire safety.

 Fire is still a big problem in the UK, with an average of 174 building fires every day.

 New research published to coincide with Fire Door Safety Week (15-21 September 2014) reveals that almost half of the public (47%) have never been shown or told about the fire safety procedures where they work.

 If a fire alarm was to sound, 14% of people say they would see what everyone else was doing and ‘go with the flow’. One in 10 people (11%) would go into the corridor and investigate, and one in 20 admit they would simply ignore it, assuming there must be a fault on the alarm system.

 When respondents with formal responsibility for fire safety in their organisations were asked if they were fully aware of their legal obligations, almost half (46.5%) said they either did not know what they were or admitted they were unclear.

 A similar proportion (45%) say they really would not know how to spot a dodgy fire door – one of the most critical passive fire protection features in the buildings we use every day.

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