Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bank customers to sign in with a special scanner

A new way of accessing bank accounts is being launched which identifies individuals through the unique pattern of veins in their fingers.

Instead of having to use a series of passwords and numbers, users will be able to log on to their accounts by placing one of their fingers into a scanner.

The technology is quite distinct from fingerprint recognition.

To begin with, Barclays will offer the service to business customers only.

However, "finger vein authentication", as it is known, is likely to be offered to all customers in the future.

A portable scanner, the size of a tennis ball, is plugged into the computer's USB port and uses near-infra-red light to check the unique pattern of veins inside the finger.

Only a living finger is accepted by the scanner, reducing the risk that fraudsters will use substitutes or copies to break into a bank account.

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