Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cat litter puts out electrical fire

A man tackled an electrical fire at his home using cat litter and managed to put it out.

Firefighters were called to the address in Dunsfold Close, Gossops Green after the home filled with smoke.

It turned out to be an electrical fire which started while someone was having a shower.

The fire broke out in an electrical cupboard and set off smoke alarms in the house. When a man living there located the fire he adopted an unusual but apparently effective method to smother the fire - covering it in cat litter.

When firefighters arrived the fire was out but the home was full of smoke. The crew used two sets of breathing apparatus to get into the property and clear the smoke using a high-powered fan. They also inspected the cupboard to make sure the fire was out.

Although it worked, it’s not a proven method so we can’t recommend it as a method of fire fighting and in all possibility your fuse box is going to smell of cat poo forever and a day..

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