Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It’s the 3C thing – cost, confidence and convenience.

Get those ducks lined up in a row and you’ve cracked it.

Manufacturers are finding it hard to build 3C–EV that we want, or trust

When did you last see an EV on the road? I think I’ve an Ampera once in the last month.

Technology is getting better and as a car enthusiast I want to like it but it fails the only really true and  test which is would I put my own money into buying one and the answer is generally "NO"

The current range EVs are much too limited in how far they will take you, far too inconvenient in terms of charging and if I was buying one I would want to know what it would be worth on the second hand marked when it need a shed load of investment in new batteries.

Too many questions for the time being

If you live in the city, its cheaper to spend your  money on Taxi's and Rural, they are just not variable

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