Saturday, 18 October 2014

How safe if your electric Blanket

As summer draws to an end and the temperature drops and the sudden cold snap, people may be getting their electric blankets out ready for the winter.

Many of these blankets could be an accident waiting to happen, as a faulty or damaged blanket can start an electrical fire.

Last year, over half of the electric blankets that were checked at the council’s safety testing event proved to be faulty.

To ensure you use your electric blanket 1,2,3 safely tips:
  1. Check your electric blanket, plug and cord regularly for all signs of wear and damage.
  2. Do not use if you see scorch marks or exposed elements.
  3. Never use an electric blanket if it is wet, creased or folded.

For further safety advice on electric blankets, please visit Electrical Safety First at and click on ‘Guides and Advice’ where you can download a free leaflet, or telephone on 0870 040 0561.

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