Tuesday, 28 October 2014

VW says electric car range will be between 310-370 miles by 2020

Slow battery technology improvement is holding back EV

Wouldn't it be nice to charge your phone once a week? even better once a month!!!

If you don't drive long distances frequently, the current crop of electric cars is probably ok-ish

Every morning you leave with a full charge, and the 80-100 miles that most

I would be far more comfortable with a car that had a 150-200 miles of driving range.

there is some good news on the Horizon. Volkswagen's head of powertrain development, Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, recently said that he believes that plug-in hybrids are only a stop-gap technology that is only bridging the past and the future on the road to 100% electric vehicles, and that as early as 2020, these could have between 310 and 370 miles of range.

"Battery [technology] makes the biggest steps in very short time frames. If you look at when we started with the e-mobility of the Golf, and you look now to the Passat, we have done the first step," said Dr Neusser. "We have more energy density in the batteries [than before], and in 2015-16 will come the next step which means we come from 25-28 ampere hours (Ah) energy density to 36-37Ah. Now we are actually working on the next step to around 60Ah... with research will come a completely new electro-chemical chemistry inside the batteries, and this will come at the beginning of the next decade. We have to look to the e-Golf, which had an operating range of around 190km. I expect the next generation in 2015-17 will increase to around 300km and the following step will be around 500-600km."

hopefully he is right...

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