Sunday, 9 November 2014

E-cigarettes leading to fires

E-cigarettes haven't been around so long and while some stats suggest they are a healthier choice for those who smoke, other stats show them to still be a fire hazard. In the U.K., they would seem to be causing about a fire each and every week now.

The Telegraph reported on Freedom of Information stats recently released and those stats suggest fires related to e-cigarettes are becoming common. In the U.K., as of 2013, some 2.1 million Brits were smoking e-cigarettes.

Forty-three fire services from around the country reported data and compiling it shows that since 2012 e-cigarettes have become a fire danger. Since that year 113 fires have been started in one way or other by e-cigarette usage and U.K. fire chiefs are issuing warnings.

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