Saturday, 1 November 2014

London's electric car infrastructure falling into ruin

London’s network of electric vehicle charging points – the largest in the UK – is in danger of falling apart thanks to the piecemeal manner in which it has been assembled and is managed.

Many charging points in parts of the 1,400+ network are currently out of service with little prospect of them being repaired in the near future, despite the network being sold off last month with ambitious expansion plans for its future.

An official Source London online map of the network is the clearest indication of which points are in service at any one time, and in some localities the number of broken points outnumber those working.

don't go to Southwark - 10 of 12 chargers were out of action, while around the Barbican all eight chargers were shown as unserviceable.

Official numbers for those out of service are not collected by the two main bodies involved – Transport for London and Source London – but the London Borough of Camden admits that it’s struggling to keep more than 70 per cent of its charging points operational at any one time, leaving significant holes in the network.

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