Tuesday, 2 December 2014

An Electric Jag?

Is Jaguar going to build an electric car?

Jaguar has filed for the trademark name of "EV." Could that spell an electric car in the future?

The news that Jaguar has filed for the trademark of the nomenclature “EV” has sparked some speculation that the company might be getting into the “green” side of car making with either an all-electric car or a hybrid

A lot of car manufacturers today have used the “E” to signify some type of electric car or maybe advertise the Eco friendly side to the carbon pollution folks (or those who care about that kind of stuff).

It could be that Jaguar intends to release some type of more Eco-friendly low emission vehicle that would appeal to this niche market.

The type of trademark they filed for in the US and Europe has to be used within three years before it expires, so we will know what it stands for before too long.

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