Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Electrcal Safety

Inspect your electrical flexes and cords.

This includes ones for Christmas lights

make sure it is not damaged or showing signs of getting hot and no parts that are melted, nothing where the inside cords are showing,

Electrical cords should not be knotted up, and the plug prongs are straight so they'll plug in properly.

Also, be sure to grab electrical plugs by the base, not by the cord, when plugging them in or pulling them out.

Check your socket outlets in your home.
Just as important as checking your electrical cords is checking the outlets that they plug into.

Make sure that there's no burn marks, char marks around your sockets and make sure the switches work and they are not cracked.

Use space heaters responsibly.
If you're using a space heater inside your home, look it over to make sure nothing has slipped in that can burn when the heater is plugged in and turned on.

Make sure there is nothing within a metre of the space heater when it's running.

You should always unplug your space heater whenever you're not home.

Finally - RCDs / Earth trips - better be safe than sorry. a properly functioning RCD can prevent a fire.

how do you know its functioning? press the yellow test button!

keep your family safe this Christmas

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