Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Electrical retailers Currys, Amazon, John Lewis and Argos offering misleading discounts

Its soon going to be sale time when we buy lots of things that we don't really need, I was most surprised to see this on the MK web site..

A new Which? investigation into special offers reveals the dodgy discounts on electrical products that deliver little or no real savings.

Watchdog Which? tracked the prices of more than 100 electrical products online over six months at the major electrical goods retailers Amazon, Argos, Currys and John Lewis and found a number of dodgy deals.

Among the examples, it found:
•Amazon selling a Canon EOS70D camera with lens for £967.99. The offer price, calculated from Amazon’s RRP of £1,239.99, claimed savings of £272. However, compared with Canon’s typical selling price of £959, you would have actually paid £8.99 more.

•A Sony Bravia TV on offer at Currys for £579, with a claimed saving of £170 from the original price of £749. Despite them not breaking any official rules by using a sign showing when the higher price applied, Currys only sold this Sony set at the higher price for three weeks but the advertised ‘offer’ ran for seven months.

•A Nikon D3300 24MP DSLR camera with lens at Argos, had the offer price reduced over time but kept comparing the savings you were making to the original price rather than the offer price from the previous month. However, Argos did make it clear the camera had been previously sold at a cheaper price.

its not all a bargain guys...

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