Saturday, 20 December 2014

Inefficient appliances and other bits

As we have said on this blog before, the EU is now looking at another clampdown on inefficient appliances, with the most inefficient vacuum cleaners banned from sale.

Critics said the EU should not interfere in these matters, but the EU's intervention has been supported by energy experts who say that high voltage cleaners often produce increased heat and noise - but no more suction.

The tightening of standards has been driven by policies to improve energy security and tackle climate change.

A report from the UK Committee on Climate Change said household bills would have increased by an extra £165 between 2004-2013 if the energy savings had not been made.

It said gas use for heat and hot water had declined more than a quarter since 2004 - for a typical household. This reflects improvements in boiler efficiency and pipe insulation.

People also seem to have become more frugal in the recession - turning off radiators in unused rooms, but keeping the rooms they use most just as warm.

Insulation has reduced energy demand too. The number of homes with loft and cavity wall insulation is up from 39% in 2004 to 67% in 2013.

Energy use always drops after oil shocks and in recessions - but this current trend looks different. we can expect an energy spike if we get a cold winter...

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