Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Millions of recalled electrical goods still out there...

The average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is only 10-20%.

This means that there are potentially millions of recalled electrical items still in UK homes.

As most of these products have been recalled because they offer a risk of electric shock or electrical fire, they present a serious risk.

The Electrical Safety First product checker contains the details of electrical products that have been recalled since 2007.

If you have searched for a product that you own and it is not listed, this means that it has not been recalled and should be safe to use.

However, if you do have concerns about its safety, contact the retailer or manufacturer to alert them to a potential problem.

If you find that you are in possession of a recalled product, the notification should give you details of what to do next. If no details are shown, you should contact either the seller or Citizens Advice.

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