Saturday, 10 January 2015

Data grabbed by smart gadgets may be of concern

As the world changes there are always new things to consider.

Just what will futuristic smart gadgets know about you and what will happen if the information is processed incorrectly?

A future full of smart gadgets that watch what we do could pose a great threat to privacy.

The collated data could create a false impression if given to employers, universities or companies.

Tech firms should make sure gadgets gathered the minimum data needed to fulfil their function.

The internet of things (IoT), which will populate homes, cars and bodies with devices that use sophisticated sensors to monitor people, could easily build up a personal picture of a person's lifestyle.

You may well say that already happens with the monitoring of internet and phone use, but this will take it to the next step.

we also have to consider that this data collection is likely to get more detailed as time progresses.

Is stuff you own invading you individual privacy. is it just we need tpo take ownership of our own privacy in the T&C's in these new gadgets?

Data should only be gathered for a specific purpose, firm that did not respect privacy would lose the trust of potential customers.

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