Thursday, 29 January 2015

Do you remember your kids toy car

If you were lucky it was a battery one that was only powered on one wheel and spend most of its time wheel spinning in the grass

not this one... check it out

Elise had a Pink Merc, but it was never as good as this...

A South Korean firm has designed a different kind of electric car ride on toy for kids with parents who have deep pockets. The electric ride-on is called the Broon F870.

It has dual electric motors and can scoot along at 10mph, which is twice as fast as those cheap Power Wheels cars. The car features dual motors and all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive likely means all those donuts Power Wheels are famous for will be hard to pull off.

It does have some surprising features for a toy with a leather bucket seat, four point harness, working head light and taillights, a speaker system, folding side mirrors, and a coil spring suspension. It even has a 7-inch Android tablet with HDMI output in the centre of the dash and a Bluetooth remote for parents to control the car from afar.

That tablet can also act as an MP3 player for the sound system.

Clever eh!!!

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