Sunday, 18 January 2015

The charger that boosts battery in seconds

Theirs some really clever new tech coming out. How about charging a Samsung smartphone from being nearly out-of-juice to full capacity in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.

There's a couple of trade-offs involved, but being able to recharge devices about 100 times faster than at present has the potential to revolutionise the way we use mobile phones, tablets, laptops and wearable tech.

It's not something that can be retrofitted to your phone, since most phones would be fried by the 40 amps of electricity the current version of the charger supplies.

It also involves using a completely new type of battery, which contains specially synthesised organic molecules.

Nevertheless the possibilities are great.

the special battery allows charging very fast, moving ions from an anode to a cathode at a speed that was not possible before we had these materials

Storedot's chief executive Doron Myersdorf Storedot aims to recharge a typical smartphone battery in less than a minute by 2017

Phone-makers from the US, South Korea, China and Japan have already begun talks to either license or buy exclusive rights to the tech

The firm's prototypes currently deliver, meaning the normal-sized handset used in the demo only held 900mAh of juice, and would have to be recharged several times a day were it deployed now albeit only taking two minutes to do so each time.

If they can charge a phone battery in less than a minute - how fast for a car???

That would be a real game-changer. especially if you are like me and when you get up in the morning and you realise you forgot to set the washing machine. Charge your car while you have breakfast.

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