Saturday, 7 February 2015

Apple Watch app controls your Tesla

It was bound to happen Apple and Tesla in a strategic partnership..

That seems to be the main idea behind a plan to let Tesla owners be able to control their Model S their Apple Watch.

The Model S is a luxury electric car costing $80kbefore extras but in is turning heads.

The Apple Watch, which is yet to go on sale, is likely to become the hottest new personal tech. the latest must have.

A Ukraine-based software developer, Eleks Labs, says it has created the app that will let Tesla owners tell at a glance how much juice is left in their car's battery and how many miles of range they can expect from it.

It would allow owners to lock or unlock doors or switch on the headlights.

It can tell them the temperature inside the car. It can show them the car's present location.

Eleks says it developed its app from a beta version of the Apple Watch, but notes the watch's expected limitations, especially the requirement that it work in conjunction with an iPhone.

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