Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Heat-gathering concept tyre charges your car while you drive.

At the Geneva car show, Goodyear showed an intriguing concept tyre that would feed an electric car's batteries while rolling down the road.

Since no one wants to be stranded with an empty battery, electric-car-range anxiety is a real thing. A

The basic idea behind the BH03 is that it takes the heat generated while driving and transforms it into electrical energy that could be used to recharge a car's batteries.

Details on the tyre, which is constructed with a layer of thermo-piezoelectric material, are very vague.

The BH03 tyre is also designed with ultra-black textured patches meant to absorb both light and heat. Sunlight warms up the tires on a parked electric car, adding to the heat that can be transformed into electric energy.

The BH03 is just a concept at this point. we think it could take quite some time for us to be able to buy them in real life.

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