Monday, 30 March 2015

Longer-range electric cars coming closer

Battery power is the future, that motoring will become cheaper, cleaner and greener

The Guys at LG Chem have reportedly made a series of breakthroughs that will allow its lithium-ion batteries to be more energy-dense; that is that they can store more energy for a given size and weight, allowing the range of a car they’re fitted to to increase. Indeed, LG Chem claims that its advances in battery technology could allow an ‘average’ electric car to go for around 200-miles, on a single charge.

From a Reuters report, LG Chem Chief Executive Prabhakar Patil said that “several factors are at play that are landing at this 200-mile range. We’ve been talking to several OEMs regarding where our battery technology is and where it’s going.”

Those OEMs, or car makers to you and I, apparently include Ford (which is planning a stand-alone all-electric model to rival Toyota’s Prius), Volkswagen (which is keen to launch a longer-range and more practical e-Golf by 2018) and Nissan (which is also keen to launch a second-generation Leaf by 2018).

That combination of range and price is significant because it’s exactly where Tesla is going to pitch its forthcoming affordable car, the Model 3. Tesla boss Elon Musk has repeatedly said that the ‘sweet spot’ for range, and the point at which pure-battery electric vehicles start to become relevant to a much broader swathe of the car buying public, lies between 125 & 220 miles

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