Wednesday, 1 April 2015

FB and Google club together to buy the Catholic Church

ROME. The Pope announced today that the Catholic Church had been bought by a Facebook and Google.

There will not be any rebranding, but all of the finance systems will be reviewed and audited. The transition will be hardly noticeable. Genesis is to be moved to page 3 of the bible due to a prologue written by Larry Page and a promotion of Google AdWords.

The combined resources of  these 2 corporate giants is hoped to bring the church kicking and screaming into the 21st century and allow 'us' to make religion easier and more fun for a broader range of people.

The pope announced this via his Facebook page.

Following on from last December when Pope Francis said equating Islam with violence was wrong and called on Muslim leaders to issue a global condemnation of terrorism they have set up a framework agreement for joint webcasts starting in May.

Facebook has brokered a deal for future strategic partnerships with Hinduism, Shinto, Daoism sighting that the church would like to increase their market share in India, Japan & China.

As part of the deal, Vatican city will get an upgraded wifi and the first location to trial 6G and the catholic church will get free sponsored links on the Google search engine.

Please remember what date it is and note that the joint webcast thing might not be such a bad idea...

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