Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How good is the screen on your Smartphone

We have notices a lot of changes and this new number - 4k keep cropping up in both TV's and now phones.

Sharp has announced the first smartphone screen capable of showing images in 4K resolution.
The 5.5in (14cm) component packs in 806 pixels per inch.

That outclasses Samsung's Galaxy S6 which only offers 577ppi on a slightly smaller display.

Higher resolutions offer more detail, typically producing crisper images and text. But experts say there is a limit to what the human eye can appreciate.

At a certain point, the improvements get a lot less noticeable.

you and I will hardly tell the difference between 2K & 4K, even if you have perfect vision.

4K - which is also known as ultra-high definition - offers four times the resolution of 1080p HD.

but is it needed n a phone.

Also, with all those extra dots, what does it do to battery life.

I know, from my point of view, the battery lasting is more important than a 4k screen.

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