Thursday, 16 July 2015

British Gas has updated its range of Hive "smart home" products, with a new thermostat as the centrepiece.

The company hired Swiss designer Yves Behar to shape the look and feel of the device.
Mr Behar had previously designed popular consumer gadgets like the Jambox wireless speaker and Jawbone fitness band.

One expert told the BBC that consumers still needed convincing that they needed "smart home".
"I don't think aesthetics are the only barrier. The rival Nest thermostat looks absolutely fantastic, but hasn't taken off in the UK," said Chris Green, technology analyst at Davies Murphy Group.

The new device is Hive's second version of an internet-connected thermostat, that lets people remotely control their heating from a smartphone app.

Mr Behar said he did not build a touchscreen into the new thermostat because he found them a "distraction".

found on the BBC

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