Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Why didnt The Green Deal work?

The Government has cut odd the funds, all but killing off the much troubled Green Deal scheme.

we agree the theory was good, but it came down to bad execution.

The scheme was over engineered, difficult to market and a nightmare to access.

The decision to scrap Green Deal funding comes less than two weeks after the government also abandoned its zero-carbon homes policy and just a day after it emerged it was consulting on plans to axe small-scale solar farm subsidies.

The govt cant push us to be Green, then kill or abandon all the support. it needs investment and look at long term goals.

Green initiatives always seem to be plagued by bureaucracy and red tape. I do wonder why they don't learn how to get the right balance between making the funding available and making sure it is spent on the right project.

The amount of solar PV installations has actually increased in recent months, which makes the latest decisions even more incomprehensible.

There is still, clearly, a public interest in getting these technologies as people try to get a grip on rising energy costs in the home. with an expected 25% increase in energy costs over the coming years. this will become more apparent.

What a waste.

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