Saturday, 20 June 2015

Spinnaker Tower branding

A Portsmouth landmark is to be painted blue and gold following an outcry over the use of red in the previous plan.
The city council announced a £3.5m deal with airline Emirates to rebrand the Spinnaker Tower earlier this month.

The decision upset 10,000 people who signed a petition against a branding plan as red and white are the colours of football rivals Southampton.

More than 100 litres of red paint, bought in readiness for the work, will now be given away to good causes.

Blue is the traditional colour of the city of Portsmouth and its football team.

Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council said: "We have listened to the public and created a new blue, gold and white design that is in keeping with suggestions from residents.

Councillor Ben Dowling said: "It's good that the new design isn't red but we still have some fairly serious questions about the process that has taken place.

The 170m high tower will be renamed the Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates said: "We listened to the feedback and worked with the council to adapt the designs in order to create something that Portsmouth residents will be proud of."

An application for advertising consent has been posted on the Portsmouth City Council website.
It states: "Brand logo and brand name will be adhered to the tower legs and lower ground signage base."

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