Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fire safety and risk assessment

Who is responsible for fire safety?

Everyone who enters your business premises - employees, customers, contractors or other visitors - should ensure fire safety. However, each non-domestic premises now has a legally-designated 'responsible person' who must arrange for a risk assessment, identify any possible fire risks and deal with them. See the page in this guide on the duties of the 'responsible person'. 

It will usually be obvious who the responsible person is, although sometimes several people will share the responsibility - for example in shared premises or larger

businesses. The responsible person will be someone who has control over premises, or over some areas, departments or systems. For example, it could be:
the owner, employer or manager of a business

the owner or managing agent of premises which are shared between a number of businesses

individuals within a multiple-occupancy building, such as self-employed people or voluntary organisations if they control someone within the premises
You should establish who the responsible person is within your business or premises.
  • Where there is more than one person responsible for a premises, they are expected to:
  • co-operate with the other responsible persons so far as is necessary to comply with the regulations
  • co-ordinate with the other responsible persons' measures required to comply with the regulations
  • share information with each other

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