Monday, 4 July 2011

a solar-powered future

With the constant rise in energy bills, there has never been a better time to revolutionise the way you use energy and reduce bills by up to 50 per cent (you need a big roof, & its a theoretical value - depending on what sort of year we have, its more likely to be in the region of 15 - 20%, but that's still not bad).

Solar panels soak up the sun’s rays, creating 100 per cent free and fresh electricity for the home, while any excess electricity produced can be fed back into the National Grid, potentially earning you money.
The solar panels not only add value to your home but also produce one of the cleanest sources of power known to man.

The average family home with 12 solar panels on its roof could achieve a 50 per cent reduction in energy bills, and the new Government Feed In tariff scheme rewards people for producing clean electricity and pays 43.3p per kilowatt/hour produced as well as a further 3p for any excess which can be fed back into the grid. In real terms this means a return of around £1,200 per year or eight-10 per cent annual return on your investment.

scheme is guaranteed for 25 years

So if you go away on holiday, you could return to a tidy payout thanks to your new solar panels.

How it works
By converting light into electricity. We use a system called Photovoltaic (or PV for short), which generates electricity by using daylight on silicon solar cells normally located on your roof.
You can directly use the energy you generate and in turn reduce your electricity bill.
When the electricity generated by the silicon solar cells is not being used, it can be sold back to your energy supplier giving you a further financial benefit.
The best bit is that on top of these savings you also get paid for all the electricity you generate whether you use it or not, from the feed-in tariff scheme.

What is the ‘Feed In’ tariff?
The Feed In tariff is a new scheme which was announced by the Government on February 1 2010. It was introduced to reward home owners for generating clean renewable electricity, and home owners who have a PV solar panel (electric PV solar panels) installed from July 2009 onwards will benefit from the scheme.
The Feed In tariff works on the basis that you, the consumer, will be paid for each kilowatt hour of electricity your system generates. This also applies even when that electricity is used in your own home.
But that’s not all! There is also an additional payment for the electricity you don’t use, which is fed back into the National Grid.

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