Friday, 1 February 2013

Fiat 500e most efficient electric car in the USA

Fiat's 500e should cost $500 (£310) a year to run

The electric Fiat 500e has been rated as the most efficient electric car on sale in the US, according to the country’s Environmental Protection Agency. It should deliver 108mpge, a measure for determining how many miles an EV can travel on a quantity of battery-generated electricity that has same energy content as a gallon of petrol.

That means it beats the Nissan Leaf by just 2mpge, and the figures give it a range of 87 miles, which Fiat claims is best in class. The figures improve in urban driving, where the Fiat is rated at 122mpge on the US city cycle.

The EPA estimated the 500e’s annual electricity costs at $500 (£310), based on predicting the cost of electricity over 15,000 miles . The 500e goes on sale in California only this spring. There are no plans to introduce it in Europe.

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