Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Toyota finds new use for electric car batteries

What do you do with nickel-metal hydride batteries that were previously used in hybrid cars (pictured)? Toyota has the answer.

The Japanese carmaker is to start selling an electricity management system that makes use of the recycled batteries, starting from this April.

Its energy business company, Toyota Turbine and Systems, will sell the 10kWh systems in combination with Building Energy Management systems, solar power generation, LED lighting, energy-conserving air conditioning systems, solar carports and other energy saving items.

The idea is that the system can be used to control consumption, storage and the discharge of electricity. It will also increase efficiency and could be considered a back-up in case of emergency because it can be used by emergency response centres during disasters to power the equipment necessary to gather critical information and to power evacuation shelters.

The fixed energy storage system has already been undergoing tests since February last year at the Nagoya Toyopet Otagawa dealership. It is seen as a useful solution for car dealerships too because it cuts the amount of electricity used during peak times and can therefore slash the cost of electricity and gas by as much as half for a single dealership.

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