Wednesday, 10 April 2013

MOT your home...

Even seasoned homeowners need to give their home the occasional electrical “checkup” to assure that wiring, circuit breakers, socket outlets and plugs are in good working order — and, above all, used safely.

"Electricity is a tool, and like any tool must be handled carefully,"

So here are simple tips — plus a list of what to double-check — to assure your home is wired for safety:

Breakers tripping, fuses blowing? This is not an item to ignore — breakers and fuses are devices sized to protect the wiring in your home. Time to bring in a professional.

Be sure all your circuits are properly earthed. A circuit consists of wires that transport electrical current to your lights and appliances.

Water and electricity definitely don’t mix! Unplug any appliance before you wash or even wipe it down.

Replace any damaged wires / flexes on appliances in your house pronto — they can potentially cause shocks or fires.

Do you have any plugs that wobble or seem to have a “loose fit” in the socket? If so, it’s time to replace them.

Never force a plug into a socket, and never attempt to adjust a plug’s pins to make it fit. Both actions are dangerous!

Make sure all plugs and cords are kept a safe distance from heat sources such as radiators or space heaters. Don’t place furniture on top of cords, and don’t run cords under rugs or blankets.

smart and watchful — dimming lights, flickering lights, a sizzling sound or a burning odor mandate a prompt professional investigation.

Find out easy, cost-effective ways to give your family an extra measure of protection against electrical costs and possible calamities

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