Wednesday, 20 November 2013

150,000 Jump ship away from the BIG 6 energy suppliers

More than 150,000 people have signed up to smaller energy firms since the start of October

Inflation-busting price rises announced by five of the "big six" electricity and gas firms have led to a lot of us just wanting to walk away from them.

As a result, many smaller firms have seen big increases in their customer base - one by about 500% - in the past seven weeks alone.

Overall, though, the smaller energy companies still account for only about 3% of the market. but expect that number to go up.

maybe this is the way to get true energy competition.

First Utility, the biggest of the independent energy companies, said it had gained more than 100,000 new customers.

Utility Warehouse said it had received 35,000 new energy applications and now had more than 500,000 customers.

Keep up the good work. - Time to switch guys, keep up the pressure.

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